Redesigning the UX/UI of Vox Media's video management platform, Volume, to become Chorus Video — an integrated video content publishing platform — in preparation of Chorus' public debut
Role: Product Design Intern  |. Year: 2018
Landing Screen Exploration
Experimentation with serving users either one card to compel them to immediately fill out just the bare minimum to create and save a project, or multiple cards containing optional metadata information that could in theory be filled out before you have a title created, and also a combinations and permutations of the two. I leaned towards the one card option to streamline the bare necessities of the project creation, since metadata would not be able to be saved anyway without the actual project already created and saved. A grey background was added to indicate that the project was not in a saved or semi-finalized state (which would then turn white after the project has been created).
Read-only State Exploration
Again, since there is no auto-save feature, I needed to design a sort of read-only mode to suggest a sort of permanence for whichever reporter or producer uses this platform. It was important that, at a glance, all the information could be easily dispersed and scannable in a way that made sense. 
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