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Role: Design Editor  |. Year: 2016-2017

This illustration was drawn in Photoshop for "A Growing Minority" — a story of the underrepresented black and Latino perspectives in the computer science program at Penn. I won a 2018 Columbia Scholastic Press Association Gold Circle Award in Computer Generated Art/Illustration (First Place) for this piece.

Role: Senior Video Editor  |. Year: 2018
Observational, documentary-style look at the Mr. & Mrs. Penn bodybuilding competition, following athletes throughout the night to paint a portrait of life beyond their tanned and toned bodies.
I was stationed just outside Philadelphia's City Hall for the last quarter of the game and thus able to capture every moment of the riots from beginning to end. This video was edited to parallel the energy of the actual riots, utilizing a combination of both diegetic and non-diegetic sound to establish that hectic and hysterical atmosphere, as well as montage-style editing to illustrate a handful of different characters and perspectives.
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