Bringing UNDP's report microsite to life u​​​​​​sing data, illustration, and motion graphics to illuminate complex inequalities in civilization and human development across the globe
Role: Graphic Designer  |. Year: 2019
This is the landing page of the microsite. It was designed to be simplistic and minimal but primarily convey the notion of data being collected to create a complete image of the world as we know it.
The narrative of the this report is set and anchored by this slider graphic at the beginning of the web page, it demonstrates the duality and disparity between different societies and their means (or lack thereof) to get ahead faster under the shadow of climate change and technological revolution. The idea was to illustrate a parallel timeline of sorts, showing the impact institutions that define societal privilege and advancement (welfare, higher education, etc) has on the journey of one's life, and where that individual may likely be, in terms of progress, in a society bereft of such amenities.
A social campaign made to promote the UNDP's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the initiatives tackling developmental challenges 
Role: Graphic Designer  |. Year: 2019
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