A Vox app design aimed to drive users down a rabbit hole of curiosity, cross-content exploration, and enlightenment via an unparalleled user experience. Read more about my vision and process on the Vox Media Product Blog.
Role: Product Design Intern  |. Year: 2018
Scroll and click to interact with the prototype
Screen-sized story cards to both highlight the dominant image but allow real estate for a bulleted highlights or summary list of the curated article. Having a summary preview of the article allows for a quick digest of the gist of everything a backend algorithm determined you need to know today, even if you do not have time to read four or so feature length articles, or in case you forgot headphones and cannot politely watch a fascinating new Vox video out loud on your subway. 
Tapping a video to play it reveals a "Read More" option to support the added reading option of the articles that are attached to Vox's videos, which vary from two to four paragraphs to long-form articles.
The podcasts library and player were designed to combine convenience with the promotion of content exploration. Having the series info displayed below the podcast title and artwork enables people to quickly scan a description to get a sense of what the podcast is about as they thumb through and peruse the other podcasts Vox has to offer. The actual podcast player will stay minimized to allow simultaneous exploration of the app, but when maximized, reveals a more immersive listening experience that is populated with additional media and factoids to give the option of making listening to podcasts a more active than passive experience.
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